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Luckett Loses Democratic Gubernatorial Runoff to DuPree

By Sandra Knispel | Published 24 Aug 2011 07:12am | comments
Businessman Bill Luckett (with wife Francine) concedes the Democratic runoff race at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale Tuesday evening.


It's been a hard fought runoff campaign between the two Democratic candidates for governor. Still, the race stayed clean with no negative advertising against one-another. Last night, Clarksdale businessman Bill Luckett's dream came to a premature end as he lost to Hattisburg mayor Johnny Dupree. MPB's Sandra Knispel reports from Luckett's campaign headquarters at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale.

The crowd remained in high spirits, listening to the band Super Chikan, even as Bill Luckett was trailing his opponent from the very first reporting precincts. But by 9:17 pm it was all over when Luckett told the band to interrupt their performance.

"We’re gonna have a party tonight. It’s just, we’re not gonna be celebrating my victory, I’m afraid.”

After two and a half years of campaigning, Clarksdale businessman Luckett conceded as soon as the Associated Press called the election for his opponent, throwing his full support behind Hattisburg mayor Johnny DuPree.

"I got in this race to beat Phil Bryant to cut out his cronyism. And I didn’t get there to do it. But we rally behind mayor DuPree. Let’s let him take him out if he can do it.”

While Luckett remained calm, his wife Francine was clearly heartbroken, sobbing on a friend’s shoulder.

The thing that hurts me is that Mississippi just lost the opportunity to have the smartest, the kindest person that has never run for anything. That from his heart, he is 63 years old, decided to run for governor to help this state.”

After 73 campaign stops in the past three weeks alone, the Clarksdale businessman still appeared energized, despite the disappointment. And don’t count him out of politics, quite yet.

"Back several months ago I said this would be it, but you know, I’m gonna think about it. I may wanna enter into something later. I don’t say that it is contagious necessarily but I do see, you know, that a first time out is a very difficult race to win in a state-wide election. Maybe there’s something in the cards out there, we’ll see.”

Sandra Knispel, MPN News, Clarksdale.


Businessman Bill Luckett (with wife Francine) concedes the Democratic runoff race at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale Tuesday evening.



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