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Lt. Governor Candidates Billy Hewes, Tate Reeves Trade Shots

By Daniel Cherry | Published 27 Jul 2011 10:12pm | comments

Voters will choose Mississippi's next Lieutenant Governor this upcoming Tuesday. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how the two man race heated up at the Neshoba County Fair.

Both Billy Hewes, a five term senator from Gulfport, and Tate Reeves, two term state treasurer from Flowood are vying for the position of Lieutenant Governor. Long-time legislator Hewes says Reeves doesn't have enough experience .

"He's like a car mechanic going around asking to fix your car when he's never set foot inside a garage."

But Tate Reeves is trying to use that to his advantage. He says as treasurer he has proven financial experience.

"The fact of the matter is we need someone with a background outside the legislative process, not someone who has been in the office for 20 years. We need someone who understands the decisions small businesses make, and that's what I'll bring to the office."

Reeves says his opponent is too entrenched in the political system to be effective. He says he'll bring leadership instead of playing politics. The Lieutenant Governor also serves as the President of the state senate. Hewes says his experience as a senator more than prepares him for that job.

"You have people with 52 different backgrounds, 52 different personalities and agendas, and you have to be able to work with them. Not just within the Senate but across the with the other chamber as well if you want to be effective. I've got that history. Not only am I a known commodity, but I know what makes those members tick."

Out in the crowd, Henry Pilkinton from Columbus watched both candidates speak back to back ten minutes each. He says he's been coming to the fair for years now, and enjoys seeing the candidates in person...but he can't make a decision just yet.

"I thought they were fairly equal. Each one has their points, their good points. Each one took a shot at the other several times during their ten minute speech each, and it was a real tit for tat."

With no Democratic challenger, the primary is the only election that counts in this race.







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