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Local Retailers Look Forward to Tax Free Weekend

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 26 Jul 2013 05:02am | comments

Mississippians shopping for back to school clothes won't have to pay state sales taxes for the next two days on certain items.  Retailers and shoppers are bracing for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

(View a listing of eligible and non-eligible clothing and footwear items) 

This weekend marks the fourth year that Mississippi retailers have been allowed to not charge Mississippi's 7% sales tax. Lawmakers began the tax holiday as a way to help Mississippian's pay for back to school clothes. But David Willoughby, Manager of JC Penney in Flowood says the two day tax holiday has already come to rival the years biggest shopping day known as Black Friday.

"Yes, and it is and it does compare, it is one of those important days that I do believe that retailers look forward to.  You know, along with our affordable prices, I think that the sales tax is just an added savings for the customer looking for the savings that they need so desperately to help them through getting their kids back to school," says Willoughby.

The tax holiday savings do not apply to school related supplies like book bags, paper products or computers. But Alicia Ball of Brandon says the money she saves on school clothes goes a long way towards making ends meet.

"If you can save any, in this day in time in this economy, it helps.  My son will be starting college and I have a stepson in high school and a stepdaughter in elementary so if you can buy it for $10 off, that's $10 you can put towards gas food or whatever," explains Ball.

While the tax free holiday is a win win for shoppers and businesses Kathy Waterbury with the Mississippi Department of Revenue says it's also helps boost local economies.

"You know when people go out shopping, we're obviously not collecting that sales tax revenue these two days, but, people are eating out and you know, they may be purchasing a tank of gas if they're driving in from out of town, we may even have some overnight visitors that might stay in a hotel, but it does help the economy when people get out shopping and they're supporting our local businesses," says Waterbury.

The sales tax holiday runs through midnight Saturday. Three Mississippi cities have adopted resolutions to not participate in this years sales tax holiday. They are, Enterprise, Heidelberg and Crenshaw. 






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