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Local International Relations Expert Weighs in on Libyan Uprising

By Daniel Cherry | Published 22 Aug 2011 08:04pm | comments

As rebel forces continue to gain control in Libya, a Mississippi International Relations expert weighs in. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how the change of command in North Africa could affect Mississippi.

Rebels control most of the Libyan capitol of Tripoli. Dr. Glenn Antizzo is Co-Political Science Chair and International Relations expert at Mississippi College. He says it's hard to tell which faction of the rebel group will gain power.

"Some are secular. Some are Muslim, and the glue that held them together is now gone. So what happens next? Are you going to get Jeffersonian Democracy? Probably not. Are you going to get something that resembles democracy? That remains to be seen. There's really no history of it."

Dr. Antizzo says there is a very high probability of continued U.S. involvement in Libya as the country continues to transition power. But he does say, through all the turmoil, there might be a bright spot for Americans.

"I think it's going to, believe it or not, going to bring oil prices down. You don't have instability and warfare that could potentially disrupt the flow of oil from that region. We don't get a whole lot of oil from Libya ourselves, but Europe does. And anything that increases the international supply will bring prices down."

Crude oil prices are volatile right now, but experts say as Libyan production resumes prices could start falling.





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