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Legislators continue wrap up of 2013 session

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 02 Apr 2013 10:42am | comments
Rep. Mark Baker makes speech on chamber floor

The Mississippi House has approved a compromise bill expanding charter schools, a move that makes it highly likely the bill will become law. The house passed the bill 62-55 in a vote this morning, there was no debate prior to the vote. 

The Senate has until tomorrow to pass or reject the same bill in order to send it to Governor Phil Bryant.

 And as time is running out for lawmakers to finish their work at the state capitol tensions are running high. During debate over a bill dealing with MEMA that also included language directed at the power company Tennessee Valley Authority that Senators included late in the process, Republican Representative Mark Baker of Brandon took to the floor of the house to oppose a bill that he says involved unfair pressure tactics by the state senate.

The house sent the bill back for more work.  The deadline to bring the bill back to the legislature is Thursday.



Rep. Mark Baker makes speech on chamber floor



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