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Law Enforcement Working to Reduce Holiday Tragedies

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 22 Dec 2010 03:23pm | comments

Beginning at 6 o'clock tonight Mississippi law enforcement officers will be cracking down on destructive drivers especially those driving drunk. MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports those caught over the limit will be under arrest.

Driving while drowsy, eating, even talking and texting on the phone can all be serious distractions for drivers. Sergeant 1st Class James Walker with Troop C. in Jackson says during his 22 years of service with the highway patrol he's seen how devastating those distractions can be.

"People expecting to arrive at another destination and they don't make it, they've either been killed by a drunk driver or a speeder or something or somebody's just not paying attention to what they are doing. We hate to have deliver a death message but that's part of our job. And you know during the holidays everyone's expecting their loved ones to come home and sometimes they just don't make it."

This time last year 2 people died on Mississippi roadways. This year Sergeant Walker says officers are taking every measure to protect the traveling public from any added distractions especially drunken drivers.

"We're sitting up road block all over the state. We're gonna be working in conjunction with our local law enforcement and sheriff’s departments so we'll be out in full force. So it’s the last holiday of the year and people got a little extra money so they gonna be out spending it and school is out so we gone have our extra troopers out."

Even if drunken driving doesn't result in the loss of life, limbs or property, Lt. Mickey Young of the Flowood Police Department says the severity of the crime can be forever haunting.

"You've been arrested, you've been incarnated. If you're able to get a bond you have to bond out of jail. Then you have to come to court and then of course you hire an attorney and then that costs. And then you know the chance of you losing your license for a year or so depending on the severity."

Experts say drunken driving and drowsy driving are equally as dangerous. Lawayne Childrey MPB News.




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