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Landslide Victory for Lt. Governor Phil Bryant in Primaries

By Daniel Cherry | Published 03 Aug 2011 02:41am | comments
Lt. Governor Phil Bryant speaks with reporters after declaring victory in primary race

Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant has won the five man Republican primary for governor. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how Bryant hopes his landslide victory carries over into November.

A boisterous crowd greeted Phil Bryant during the campaign reception at the Old Capitol Inn in downtown Jackson.

Bryant ran away with the primary election, bringing in votes more than two to one over his closest competitor. Now that Bryant has the nomination he says he's going to keep getting his message out there to voters.

"We feel very good about where we're at. I think Mississippi wants to elect a Republican Governor. I think the values and conservative ideals of a Republican Governor is what they want. We're going to be able to carry that forward. We've had a good four years working with Governor Barbour and I don't believe there's any reason to change. We're going to stay the course."

Bryant says if elected he wants to expand vocational training for high school students and he wants to see a performance based budget system for the state legislature. Out in the crowd supporter Paula Payne from Madison says Governor Haley Barbour has Mississippi heading in the right direction and Bryant would carry the torch.

"I believe that because the two of them seemed to work so well together. I think that he learned from Governor Barbour so he won't have to start learning once he gets in office."

Bryant is no newcomer to the political scene. He's served as a state representative and state auditor before becoming lieutenant governor. He was a heavy favorite to win the nomination due to having much more funds and high name recognition. Republican challenger Dave Dennis of Pass Christian says that was just too much to overcome.

"We put a message out. We were up against a well-financed, 20 year political figure. Those were tall hills to climb, but the hills laid down pretty rapidly, and we felt like it would go into a runoff. We thought some of the other candidates would draw a little more than what they did, but it wasn't meant to be."

Phil Bryant will now face the winner of the Democratic primary runoff between Johnny DuPree and Bill Luckett in November.


Lt. Governor Phil Bryant speaks with reporters after declaring victory in primary race



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