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Kemper County Coal-Fired Power Plant on Public Service Commission Agenda

By Rhonda Miller | Published 23 Apr 2012 04:52pm | comments

The Sierra Club and Mississippi Power are expected to face off again today over the Kemper County coal plant. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports the state Public Service Commission will consider giving final approval to the project.

The Sierra Club says Mississippi Power is trying to loosen the cap on the cost of its $2.8 billion Kemper County plant.

Sierra Club spokesman Glen Hooks says the Public Service Commission should review the entire project before giving final approval. He says Mississippi Power didn’t have the proper permits.

"What they did instead was go full steam ahead, even though they knew all their permits were not in hand, and rack up these costs that are now attributable to ratepayers in Mississippi instead of the company themselves."

Mississippi Power spokesman Jeff Shepard says the company is not asking for the limit on the cost to be lifted.

"We provided more evidence justifying why we needed the $2.88 billion cap."

The state Supreme Court ruled last month that Mississippi Power didn’t supply enough supporting evidence to build the plant.  Construction began in December 2010 and is expected to finished in2014.






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