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JPS Allows Anonymous Bullying Reporting

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 01 Oct 2013 09:09am | comments

Jackson Public Schools are part of a growing number of school districts across Mississippi making it easier for students to report malicious or criminal activity. JPS officials are now allowing anonymous reporting of bullying or any other suspicious behaviors.    


Bullying has taken on a whole new face since Thea Faulkner was in school.


"If we had an argument 90 percent of the times that I remember it was settled, it was handled.  It didn't fester as it does now.”



Faulkner is a program manager with Parents for Public Schools of Jackson. She says with the increased use of email, texting and other social media a student can be the victim of bullying without anyone ever knowing except them and their perpetrator.


"So that layer of secrecy adds to the bullying. And I love the fact that this Tip Line is out there. Because what it says is I'm not going to remain silent on this, I will report it.” She said, “And if I don't have the courage to publicly report it it will still be reported."


With the new Tip Line students, parents and community members can anonymously report anything that jeopardizes the safety of students or anyone in the community from street violence, to theft to school bullying. Gerald Jones is the districts campus enforcement chief.


"We want a connection with the community. Our community is our schools. We also have an extended community which is the areas around our schools and obviously the parents of the students who go here and our faculty. So any vehicle or conduit that we can use to get that information so that we can act upon it to aid us in keeping our schools safe is a benefit for us. So that's why this is so important that we have some means of getting information."


Jones says its Tip Line which can be accessed through a phone number, email address and website. According to the website kids who are bullied can experience physical and mental health issues. A new law requires all Mississippi schools to have a policy in place to deal with bullying and harassment. 




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