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Job Fairs Seek Out Military Veterans

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 16 Jul 2013 09:21pm | comments

Mississippi veterans and their military spouses are getting help finding jobs. It's part of an effort to hire military heroes. Jackson is one of the state's cities holding these job fairs targeting these veterans.


Mack Rimmer of Greenwood comes from a military family dating back to World War I. He was one of about 150 military personal and their spouses attending a "Hiring Our Heroes" job fair at the Trade Mart Center in Jackson yesterday.  


"For me to be the father or the man of the house figure, I've got to be that positive person, when my wife gets down sometimes, I have to let her know that everything's going to be ok and don't worry about it, I've got it taken care of, but sometimes in the back of my mind I'm like 'Lord, I hope I can pull this off,' so it's very important that I get employed," says Rimmer.  


Also seeking employment is U.S. Navy retiree Shirley Smith. The Jackson resident says a service related disability forced her from her duties.


 "This is a challenge to know that you've got to start all over because so many companies may be looking for a lot younger employees but I don't give up just because of that, I'm out here to see what they can offer as a veteran because if I go back into the workforce, then I know what I have to look forward to," says Smith.   


Nearly 30 businesses were on hand for the "Hiring Our Heroes" job fair. One of which was Atmos Energy. Company representative Jimmie Coins says his organization has already hired several veterans and is looking to hire more.  


"They're very disciplined employees, they're very sociable employees, and with that itself, we learn from them.  We learn how to maintain things better as far as organizational skills, they bring a lot of good qualities and skill sets to Atmos Energy," explains Coins.    


Legislation like the VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011 offers businesses tax credits for each veteran a company hires. 






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