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Isaac Kicks Mississippi Gulf Coast into State of Emergency

By Rhonda Miller | Published 26 Aug 2012 07:10pm | comments
Harrison County Emergency Manager Rupert Lacey

With a hurricane warning issued for the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast as Isaac approaches, emergency officials are now in high gear and urging residents to be alert to changing conditions.

At the Harrison County Emergency Operations Center in Gulfport, Emergency Manager Rupert Lacey says city and county officials are meeting this morning to coordinate and finalize emergency actions. Lacey says many hurricane preparations have been going on since Isaac first became a threat to Mississippi.

"We have sand out in locations where the residents have been doing self-serve sand bags. The state of Mississippi port in Gulfport has been actively clearing their lots. That activity has been going on since Sunday afternoon. The barrier islands, the islands have been shut down."

Lacey says even when shelters do open, they should be considered a last resort.

"If you can go to a loved one, friend, somebody’s home that's structurally sound that is away from the wind and the water, that’s an important factor."

Some coastal cities have already declared a state of emergency, which allows them to take quicker action during the storm.

One of the most important preparations is to have a family plan that everyone knows.  Emergency officials are urging residents to have several days’ supply of medications, water, non-perishable food, flashlights and important family documents.


Harrison County Emergency Manager Rupert Lacey



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