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Hundreds Protest Personhood Initiative in Oxford

By Sandra Knispel | Published 19 Oct 2011 10:07pm | comments
More than a hundred protested Wednesday evening against Initiative 26, the so-called "personhood amendment" at the Oxford Square.

Roughly 200 protested at the Oxford Square against Initiative 26, the proposed Personhood Amendment. MPB’s Sandra Knispel has more.

Yesterday evening, Oxonian Cristen Hemmins, who as a young college student was repeatedly raped and shot during a car jacking, implored the crowd to ask friends, neighbors and church members the following:

"And ask them to look you in the eye and tell you that they believe a rape victim should not be allowed to receive as part of her treatment the morning after pill. If they say they should be allowed access to the morning after pill then you tell them to vote ‘no’ on Initiative 26 on November 8.”

Dr. Tom Fowlkes, a general practitioner in Oxford, quoted from the public statement of the Mississippi Medical Association, which warned recently that Mississippi physicians could be placed in a quote “perilous position” by the passage of the proposed amendment, possibly left unable to perform certain life saving procedures for pregnant women that are now standard care.

“I’m here because I’ve been very concerned about of the lack of information and publicity about the potential disastrous legal and medical ramifications for women and their doctors if this amendment should pass.”

Those who support the personhood initiative believe that life begins at fertilization. Therefore they seek to extend the rights and protections enjoyed by every person to also cover embryos and unborn children from conception onward. Mississippians will decide the issue at the Nov. 8 election. 

Sandra Knispel, MPB News, Oxford.


More than a hundred protested Wednesday evening against Initiative 26, the so-called "personhood amendment" at the Oxford Square.



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