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Hundreds Attend Yazoo County Job Fair

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 08 May 2012 04:19pm | comments

Efforts to bring down Mississippi's 9-percent unemployment rate continue with a job fair inYazoo County. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that many counties, especially in the delta, have unemployment rates far higher than the rest of the country.

A potential employer talks with an applicant about working in his mechanical calibration factory.

Nearly three dozen employers staffed the booths at the national Guard Armory in Yazoo City yesterday, taking applications from hundreds of Mississippians looking for work.

Job seekers like 28-year old Derrick Brown, who has been out of work for two months and is trying to find a job so he can propose to his girlfriend.

"I don't have a job and I want to be financially right before I take that step. That is the only sad point about our life together right now. On my behalf, I don't think she really cares about that but I guess it is a man thing," Brown said.

The unemployment rate in Yazoo County is over 10-and-a-half percent, which is a point and a half higher than the 9-percent statewide average.

This job fair is part of a state wide series called the Governor's job Fair Network.

Program director Adam Todd says he is seeing an increase in the number of employers signing up, as well as the number of people leaving with jobs.

"The key is you have to put yourself in the position to receive that job offer. You have to come and talk to these businesses. You have to come and spend the time in front of them that it takes. So when it comes time to make that selection, you are on the forefront of their mind," Todd said.

But the long slow recovery discouraged some who attended the fair, like 37-year old Welsey Boone who says he attended the a similar fair last year and had no luck finding work.

"If they call they do, if they don't they don't. I can't force the issue. They are doing their job. If they aren't hiring they will tell you. If they are not hiring right now, you go put a resume in with them and hopefully something will happen," Boone said.

As for Derrick Brown who wants to propose to his girl friend....he left with an offer for a follow up interview to work at the local jail.

"When they heard my name they said 'we will be giving you a call real soon'. So they put a big smile on my face. Give me something to smile about this morning," Brown said.

There are four more job fairs planned, with the next taking place in ranking County on may 30th.





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