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House To Get Senate Redistricting Map Monday

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 11 Mar 2011 02:56pm | comments
detailed data breaks down each Senate district

The Redistricting process is expected to resume up today when the Mississippi Senate releases its map to the House. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that Mississippi Senate Republicans are hoping that House Democrats used the weekend to re-drawn their district lines.

The Mississippi Senate is holding onto its map until later today when they are expected to send it to the House for approval.

Although the Senate voted on their redistricting map last week, they choose to sit on it over the weekend rather than send it directly to the house.

Senate Redistricting chairman Terry Burton of Newton says they wanted to give House members time to make changes to the House Redistricting map.

"The move by those who voted against the plan, mainly Republicans, is to make some minor changes and run those by chairman Reynolds over in the house and others in the committee and see if they can get an amended House plan attached to the Senate plan if it comes back over for concurrence," Burton said.

One Republican Representative leading the charge to amend the house plan is Representative Mark Baker of Brandon.

Baker says he is trying to change some districts in the House approved map but is not specific about what exactly he is looking for.

"Whether we work within the current plan that was passed by the house, or offer an alternative or offer amendments to the plan in individual form. We are not prepared to disclose our strategy at this point as to how we are going to do that," Baker said.

House redistricting Chairman Tommy Reynolds of Charleston has repeatedly expressed support the house-approved map.

Reynolds says it is the only version that has gone through public hearings and been voted on by the full house.

"We have already voted on this and nobody offered a plan at all during any phase of the process or at any of the public hearings. I have not heard of a 'tweak'," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says he is happy to talk with any other members about their concerns but also says that time is running out to get a Justice Department approved map in place for this November's election.

If the two chambers cannot agree on each other's maps, they will have to go to conference to try and work out their differences. 


detailed data breaks down each Senate district



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