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Holiday Travel Up, But Not By Much

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 19 Nov 2012 05:00pm | comments
Photo: Flickr, Xlibber

More Mississippians are expected to travel over the thanksgiving holiday this year. However, as MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports, the rise in travelers is not expected to be very sharp.

At the Jackson-Evers international, an airline employee directs a flyer toward his plane.

Roughly 40-thousand people are expected to pass through the capital city airport over the thanks giving holiday that's about 2-thousand more fliers compared to last year.

Alison Kelly is flying back to Denver after an early Thanksgiving with her family in Mississippi.

"Well, it is a good two day's drive and I don't have that kind of time. I can be here in about 5 hours between layovers. It is just the way to do it," Kelly said.

The increase is a positive sign, says airport Chief Operating Officer Bonnie Wilson, but it is on par with growth throughout the rest of the year.

"We do have some additional flights this year. We have a new city service to Chicago this year. Service to Chicago O'Hare matching up with our service to Chicago Midway. So that may be part of it as well," Wilson said.

The travel company Triple-A is expecting an increase in total holiday travelers.

But Triple-A's Michael Right says that growth will be less than one percent, which is less than growth in previous years.

"It is not significant but it is consistent with what we have seen throughout 2012 relative to increasing travel over major holidays anywhere from 3% to less than 1% but it is headed in the right direction. It is a positive," Right said.

Right credits the gradual economic improvement and rising consumer confidence for the increase in travel.

Nationally, 47-million people are expected to do some type of holiday travel with the vast majority, about 39-million, traveling by car.


Photo: Flickr, Xlibber



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