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Historic Jackson Community Honored With Marker

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 09 Dec 2010 08:18am | comments
Blonda Mack Led the Charge To Get The Marker.

A 110-year old Jackson community is now on the historical registry. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the Gowdy Community, was named for the president of a local cotton oil mill. He spoke with long time residents about their home on Thursday.

The community on Jackson's west side, started forming before the turn of the 20th century. It grew up around the Delta Cotton Oil and Fertilizer plant. It earned the name the Gowdy Community for the plant's president W.B. Gowdy.

88-year old Willy Dow was born about 100 feet from where the marker now stands. He was at the Thursday morning unveiling and recalls the dusty dirt roads.

"And they would bring cotton wagon, horses and take them to the gin and gin the cotton. No lights or water was out here when I was born," dow said.

For some, their roots in this community reach back to the beginning. five generations of Will Shirely's family lived in Gowdy, now called Washington addition.

"Since 1889, our family has been involved in this Washington Addition community," Shirely said.

30 years ago, the plant was abandoned. and in recent years was replaced by The Palisades Apartment Complex. Blonda Mack was wearing a shirt proudly declaring Washington addition as her home.

"We have too much that we have lost in the neighborhood. So we need to have something to tell about the neighborhood," Mack said.

She heads the neighborhood association, and with the help of a friend, gathered up a hundred of years of documents showing their history.

"Because we had to have proof of things that went on in this neighborhood. So we had when her grandfather paid poll taxes. We had receipts. we had some of everything," Mack said.

The community stands in the shadow of Jackson State University and named many of its streets after past professors.


Blonda Mack Led the Charge To Get The Marker.



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