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High Turnout; Few Problems Reported

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 06 Nov 2012 11:56pm | comments

A high number of Mississippians traveled to the polls to vote in yesterday's general election with very few reported problems. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on what some Mississippians are saying about their voting experience.

More than one-million Mississippians cast a ballot yesterday, but state election leaders say they only heard sporadic complaints of long lines or problems at the polls.

For many, the morning began early....Biloxi poll worker Ray Marshall says voters lined up before the polls opened.

"Voting starts at 7. I showed up about 6:20 and there was a line out of the building. A double line, actually. And I work the desk. And it was non-stop, totally non-stop, until 9:30," Marshall said.

There were reports of long lines across the state.

At a fire station in West Jackson, Alicia Berry had to wait to cast her vote as the 7 PM deadline neared.

"I have been here maybe 30 minutes. For something this important it is not too long. If I had to wait 3 hours, 4 hours, I was prepared to wait," Berry said.

Mississippians were not required to show a photo ID to vote in this election.

Still many voters, like south Jackson voter Douglas Davis, brought an ID along just in case.

"I got my ID in my pocket if I had to. If I have to show it fine. If not fine. As long I got to vote I don't know what the big ruckus is about showing my ID. I will show mine as long as I get to vote," Davis said.

In Madison, Blake Webber volunteered to show his ID.

"I think it is import. Everyone has a form of identification. I think it is very simplistic to match a form of identification to voter registration," Webber said.

The Secretary of State says they received hundreds of calls, but the majority were from people asking for their polling location.




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