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Health Insurance Exchange To Begin in October

By Paul Boger | Published 22 Aug 2013 07:26am | comments
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Beginning in October, Mississippians can start buying health insurance through the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare, but with the vast array of new policies, plans, and paperwork, residents are needing help wading through the bureaucracy.

 The Health Insurance Exchange Pool will begin selling insurance coverage on October 1st. In a fashion similar to travel websites, individuals and families will be able to shop for health insurance in online marketplaces. However, unlike travel sites, buying health insurance online is proving difficult for a lot of people.

 We'll be dealing with a population that some have no idea what a co-pay or a deductible is. What those mean to them. The Q.H.P., the qualified health plans. They may not know what that is." said Chad Feldman. 

 That was Chad Feldman the director of Revenue Cycle Management at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He advises uninsured people on financial matters dealing with health. Feldman says his group has been helping Mississippians wade through the paperwork and jargon associated with health insurance.

 "Our financial counselors will be able to look at a patient and speak to a patient about where they have been medically, and what their medical plan is going forward. We'll be able to help them look at what the impact of choosing a different plan is be on them financially." said Feldman

 Feldman's group is not the only one helping people navigate through the exchange pool. Dizzy Warren is a Community Outreach Manager in Michigan. She says religious leaders and church organizations have been instrumental in educating the public on the exchanges.

 ”From there, we were invited to make presentations or train trainers, on behalf of faith-based groups and organizations about the affordable care act, and it's impact and benefits to their congregations. It has exploded." said Warren

 Coverage bought through the Health Insurance Exchange Pool will begin January 1, 2014.


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