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Gun Hunting Season Reopens in Miss.

By Paul Boger | Published 16 Dec 2013 08:30am | comments
For deer hunters, today is their favorite day of the year as gun hunting season opens in Mississippi. MPB's Paul Boger reports officials believe hunting is the best way of controlling the deer population across the state.
Tommy Griffin is from Duffy, Mississippi, and he loves hunting.
"I deer hunt, and squirel hunt, and rabbit hut, and coon hunt." said Griffin. "I'm going coon hunting tonight. I love it. I love it to death."
Starting today, Thousands of hunters across the state will begin venturing into the woods, looking to hunt white-tailed deer. That's because Mississippians are again allowed to use guns while hunting on public lands.
Mary-Anne Morgan is from Morgantown, Mississippi. She says hunting let's her get in touch with nature. 
"I love sitting in my little house and just listening to the birds, and seeing all of the things of the wild." said Morgan. "The rabbits, the blue birds and red birds and the turkeys, it's very peaceful for me. I always like to be excited and anxious when I see a deer just step out of nowhere.
While some may see hunting as a recreational activity, others believe hunting is vital to controlling the deer population in Mississippi. Chad Dacus is with the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. 
"Hunters manage the population." said Dacus. "They're the best tool we've got to manage populations,  and without hunters we would not have the animals we have today. That's what we use and we need hunters to hunt to help us manage these deer populations that is the best way of managing a wild population is through hunting."
According to a survey conducted by the department of wildlife, last year, Mississippi hunters bagged 273 thousand deer.




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