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Gulf Coast Residents Know How to Prepare for Isaac

By Rhonda Miller | Published 28 Aug 2012 11:12pm | comments
Two men selling generators out of the back of a truck claimed a spot on a busy Biloix corner as Isaac approached.

As Isaac approaches, residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast continue with intense storm preparations.  Some are heading north to stay out of harm’s way. And as MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports, those who are staying are getting ready to make it through whatever Isaac brings.

Tony Jillio gets his turn at the Twice the Ice machine in Biloxi. He’s getting ice to keep his food fresh through Isaac.

"So you’ve kind of perfected this." "Yeah, it’s a great little thing to have out here. You just come over and put some money in and pull the handle and hey, you’ve got ice."

Like many on the Gulf Coast, he’s experienced at surviving a hurricane. He was in New Orleans during Katrina.

At a busy corner in Biloxi, Carl Miller is talking with a couple of men selling generators out of the back of a big truck.

"But it will run a refrigerator and a few lights?"  "It will give you the refrigerator, lights, a TV set, if you have cable."

"OK, OK what kind of price we’re talking about?" "The small one there, the 3500-watt one there is going for $730." "Say what???

Miller says he’s going to price generators somewhere else.

Some Gulf Coast residents are heading north. Mandatory evacuations include Jackson County south of Highway 90 and other low lying areas, as well as flood-prone areas in Hancock County.

Mia Smith is at a busy gas station just off Interstate 10.

"Well, I’m gassing up and planning on heading for Lexington, Mississippi, about 60 miles north of Jackson."

 She’d rather be safe than sorry.

"In case, if it don't be as bad, I’ll just look at it as taking a vacation. It's been six years for me anyway."

That’s one thing Governor Phil Bryant is recommending – making Isaac an opportunity to spend time with family or friends who live on safer ground. The Governor is advising residents who do leave the Gulf Coast to get on the road before the heaviest rains and strongest winds of Isaac arrive.


Two men selling generators out of the back of a truck claimed a spot on a busy Biloix corner as Isaac approached.



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