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Grammy Museum Coming to Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 22 Apr 2011 02:23pm | comments

The first Grammy museum to be located outside of California will call Mississippi home. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how the new museum will highlight Mississippi's influence on music around the world.

Mississippi has more Grammy winners per capita than any other state in the their talents and other Grammy winners will be celebrated at the state's very own Grammy museum in Cleveland. Blake Wilson, President of the Mississippi Economic Council says he's excited about expanding on one of the state's tourism hot spots.

"You've got the B.B. King Museum in Indianola, the fantastic Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale. You've got this great opportunity now of putting another footprint, another anchor that people will come visit. We're very excited about it. This is how you beat a path to Mississippi's door."

Planners say the museum won't focus on any one place or genre of music.The contributions Mississippi musicians have lent to blues, jazz, and rock and roll are undeniable. That's why Robert Santelli, the Executive Director of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles says the main focus will stay in state.

"There certainly will be an emphasis, a significant emphasis, on the contributions Mississippi has made to American music. We're excited. We hope to do more of these, but we felt that if we're going to go beyond California then the very first place we had to go was here."

Cultural tourism is one of the biggest industries in the Delta. Senator Willie Simmons of Cleveland says adding another landmark for visitors to see will be good for everyone in the area.

"When people come into Bolivar County now they're looking for places like Po' Monkey's which is one of the last juke joints. they're looking for the B.B. King Museum. This museum is just going to add to that. It's going to cause them to stay longer. Our hotels, restaurants and the rest of the business community are going to benefit from it. So we're going to see great things."

Early plans say the museum will be 20,000 square feet and will cost about $12,000,000. Santelli says they are hoping the have the museum ready by 2014. Daniel Cherry...MPB News. 




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