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Governor Bryant Announces ‘Energy Roadmap’

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 04 Oct 2012 05:18pm | comments

Governor Phil Bryantwants Mississippi to be a national leader in energy production. The governor announced a new energy policy yesterday. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports the Governor is also calling for more conservation around the state.

Governor Phil Bryant's 'energy roadmap' includes six areas that he thinks will fuel economic growth in Mississippi.

Bryant says the state should be exploring for and extracting more fossil fuels, attracting new energy companies to the state, and expanding energy research and development.

"Like a football coach might do, and try to recruit the very best researchers in energy from other institutions. In many cases, you have to use a public private partnership and say 'we know you are making a very good salary but we would like you to come and help without research'," Bryant said.

Bryant rolled out his new plan at an Energy Summit yesterday in Jackson.

In addition to creating more energy, Bryant wants Mississippi to become more efficient...pointing to a new study released this week that shows Mississippi is the least efficient state in the county.

"Every gallon of oil, diesel fuel and gasoline that we save through conservation is one less that we have to buy or produce. So we are going to work hard in this administration to make sure that we can conserve and use energy in a smart way," Bryant said.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani also addressed the summit saying expanding Mississippi's energy policy could mean more and better jobs for Mississippians.

"These are kinds of high quality jobs that seem to be eluding America right now for people that are out of work. So this a tremendous multiplier effect in the right way. A multiplier in the private economy where the tax pay doesn't have to pay for the worker, which is what happens when you expand government. Instead, the workers pay for the government," Giuliani said.

Giuliani called for more the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels, and the use of more nuclear power, warning that failing to do so could leave the U-S behind global competitors like China.

"You keep energy stagnant and your economy declines. If energy declines, then your economy declines. If energy grows, then you present a picture and a reality of economic growth. It is as simple as that," Giuliani said.

Some Mississippi environmental groups are calling for a slowing of exploration and drilling, pointing to potential human and environmental damage associated with the use of fossil fuels.





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