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Government Shutdown Furloughing Federal Workers in Mississippi

By Paul Boger | Published 01 Oct 2013 09:17am | comments
Thousands of federal employees in Mississippi may not be able to report to work today until Congress can pass a spending bill. 
Nearly 19,000 federal employees in Mississippi may be at home today, according to the American Federation of Government Employees.
Union representative, Jacque Simon, says federal employees are disgruntled with the shutdown. 
"They feel as thought like everybody else." said Simon "They've paid their taxes, and this Congress has decided to hold these tax dollars hostage until they can get their way on a completely unrelated matter. They're very unhappy, very frustrated and feeling terribly disrespected. They want to go back to work."
The shut down does not furlough all federal workers. They are split into two groups, essential and non-essential. Active-duty military, VA services and Social Security offices will continue working. While national parks, work safety inspections and federal housing loans will all be suspended.
Andrew Grumsley is the Mississippi Rep for American Federation of Government Employees. He says ultimately the furloughs will hurt those that need to work the most.
"One of the things about it, people be having a hard time trying to make a living, trying to make ends meat, trying to pay their house loans and keep food on the table." said Grumsley. "Most federal employees are living payday-to-payday; so with no income coming in it's going to be hard for them."
Dan Brown is the Superintendent of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, one the parks that could remain closed. He says his agency will try to make the best of the furloughs.
"I know all park employees enjoy their jobs and believe in what we do." Brown said "Of course, we all need the paychecks just like anybody else. This is just something that's unfolding that we'll work with as required."
While most federal employees will not receive a check during the government shutdown, Congress and the president will continue to get paid.




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