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Government Shutdown Closing Popular Tourist Spots in Mississippi

By Paul Boger | Published 02 Oct 2013 10:49am | comments
Mississippians are already feeling the impact the federal government shutdown is having on the state. In Vicksburg, the National Military Park has been barricaded and closed.
"This is the Vicksburg National Military Park, because of the federal government shutdown, the park is closed. We will reopen when the government reopens." said the Vicksburg National Military Park answering machine.
That message is similar to ones being heard around the country today. 
As part of the federal government's shutdown, all national park are closed to visitors; even here in Mississippi. At the Vicksburg National Military Park the entrances are barricaded with bright orange and white road blocks.
Bill Seratt is the Executive Director of the Vicksburg Conference and Visitors Center. He's already noticed the impact the closures are having on the state.
"People are frustrated all the way around." said Seratt. "I know of one couple that was here today that was specifically here to spend the day -- or longer -- in the park, and they were very disappointed. They did go ahead and leave the market, because their number one thing here was to visit the Vicksburg National Military Park."
Karl and Janet Bredlau are from New Jersey. They planned to stay the night in Mississippi and visit the park on their way home.
"Today we saw a barricade and a 'do not cross this line' kind of sign." said Bredlau "I think this is totally unnecessary, but what can we do? What can I do about it except take a picture of me in front of this and send it to my Congressman and say 'I'm sort of disappointed." 
Jo Dell Simmons is from Lubbock, Texas, and tried visiting the park. She believes the entire situation is frustrating.
"I'm on one side, and other people are on the other side." said Simmons. "We all have our own thoughts about it, but it's like a lot of four-year-olds trying to work together, and everybody wants their own way."
All eight of Mississippi's national parks are closed for the remainder of the government shutdown.




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