Both candidates for governor are short on time to reach voters. The annual Hobnob event gives them one more chance to get their message out.

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Gov. Candidates Draw Attention at Hobnob

By Daniel Cherry | Published 02 Nov 2011 10:47pm | comments

With just days before Mississippi voters head to the polls, candidates are using every opportunity to plead their case to voters. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how both gubernatorial candidates took center stage at one of the biggest political functions of the year.

The 10th annual Hobnob brought in business and community leaders from across the state. Candidates for governor, Democrat Johnny DuPree and Republican Phil Bryant had one of their last chances to reach out to voters. Bryant says in the final days of his campaign he's going to stress the importance of education.

"What we're still talking about is education and how it is connected with our workforce. The most important thing we have to do is begin looking at our children very early in life and saying 'What kind of educational opportunities do they need so they can get a job?'"

Candidates have been on the trail for months and the coming days are crunch time. Johnny DuPree, also a proponent of improving education and job creation, says voters should know what he's all about by now, but he's not about to let up.

"My track coach said you have to run through the tape, not to it. If you run through the tape, you keep the same momentum, the same speed. You don't slow. If you run to the tape, you slow. Everybody tells me we're the underdog so we've got to act like it."

Those who attended Hobnob also got to see Haley Barbour make one of his final appearances as Mississippi's governor. He touted economic development improvements during his 8 year tenure, and he hopes whichever candidate is elected will continue to create a more business-friendly environment in Mississippi.

"Try to make this an even more attractive state for job creation, for economic development. We've made a lot of progress, but there's still more to do. I hope they'll stay focused on the idea that we can have more advanced manufacturing."

Both candidates and Governor Barbour are urging all voters to go to the polls on November 8th. 




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