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Gov. Bryant Calls Friday Special Session

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 24 Apr 2013 02:58pm | comments

Mississippi's 174 state lawmakers are going back to work this week.  Governor Phil Bryant has called a special session of the legislature.

 Governor Bryant is not being specific with what the session is about, only saying that it will be an economic development opportunity.

 Many lawmakers suspect that the project will be an automotive supplier located near West Point.

 Senator Will Longwitz, whose Madison district includes one of the state's two automotive plants, says it is smart for Mississippi to become more involved in the automobile parts supply process.

 "Especially after the nuclear events a the reactor in Japan. In recent years it has become clear that we need to become more supplier independent in this country. So if we are brining suppliers here I want us to do everything we can," Longwitz said.

 Earlier this week, the Governor did say that the project will be part of what he calls Mississippi's auto corridor.

 The Governor has the power to control what the special session is about, meaning he can limit it to economic development and not  include Medicaid.

 Lawmakers ended their 2013 session without a plan to fund or re-new the Medicaid program, it expires at the end of June.





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