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Good News for County Budgets?

By Evelina Burnett | Published 20 Jun 2013 10:40am | comments
House Appropriations Chair Herb Frierson speaks at the conference (photo by Evelina Burnett)

Mississippi counties, like most governments, are struggling to pave roads, maintain bridges and provide other needed services to their citizens during tight economic times. But things may be looking up.

The state's 82 counties rely on the state’s coffers for many of their own budget dollars. For example, the state reimburses counties for the discounts they give homeowners through homestead exemptions Counties are also reimbursed for housing state prisoners.  The state also has a bridge replacement program that helps repair much-needed infrastructure.

Stone County supervisor Scott Strickland says the counties can use all the help they can get with their strapped budgets. He says the budget is really tight this year. 

So it was well received by county supervisors, gathered in Biloxi at an association conference, when House Appropriations chair Herb Frierson said he’s in favor of funding some of the programs that mean the most to the counties.

Steve Gray, director of governmental affairs for the Mississippi Association of Supervisors, says issues like paving roads aren’t just cosmetic -- it's an economic development issue.

Frierson says that though the economy is picking up now, there are still challenges out there.


House Appropriations Chair Herb Frierson speaks at the conference (photo by Evelina Burnett)



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