New Years is right around the corner and with that, come the resolutions. Hear how fitness experts say getting back into shape might not be as hard as you think.

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Getting Into Shape in 2012? You’re Not Alone

By Daniel Cherry | Published 27 Dec 2011 03:34pm | comments

Getting into shape after all those big holiday meals is a goal for many Mississippians this time of year. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how fitness experts recommend shedding those extra pounds.

On average, a person eats between 1,800-2,500 calories a day, but for a big holiday meal like a Christmas dinner, someone might eat 3,500 calories in one sitting. In the Courthouse Fitness Club in Flowood, Avis Heath is on an elliptical machine burning off some of those calories.

"Can I say it's already caught up with me? But I want to minimize the catching up so I still try to lift a little weights and do a little cardio."

Thousands of Mississippians will be joining Heath when they make their New Year's Resolutions. Ginger Randall is the Group Exercise Coordinator at Courthouse Fitness. She says however people decide to shed some pounds, just make a plan and stick to it.

"Moving your body is better than sitting on the couch and thinking about moving your body, but have a specific plan. Whether it be getting involved with a fitness facility, if your funds allow that, or, at least, going out and finding a friend and walking is better than sitting on the couch."

Mississippi leads the nation in rates of obesity and diabetes so weight loss is a major concern for health officials. One way to combat obesity is changing peoples' diets. Ginger Randall says exercise should be coupled with healthy eating and someone can lose a pound a week by simply cutting out 500 calories a day.

"You can find things that are not good for you, butters and fats and dressings and things such as that, that you can remove from your diet and make things healthier. So it's easier to find those 500 calories. White bread, white flour, white carbohydrates, pastas, those kind of things are what I call 'stupid calories.'"

Randall says substitute bad calories with whole grains and fruits and vegetables, mix in regular exercise and that's a proven strategy for weight loss results.




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