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‘Free File’ Returns to Mississippi

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 01 Feb 2011 02:44pm | comments

Thousands of Mississippians are now able to file their taxes for free online. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on how Free File program works.

This is the ninth year that the state has paired with the tax software company Intuit to offer free online tax filing.

In order to file free, Mississippian's must make less than 58-thousand dollars a year, be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit or have served in the Military during the last year.

Mississippi's Commissioner of Revenue Ed Morgan says the Free File system helps tax payers and the state....

"We will save annually in excess of 160-thousand dollars a year in postage when people choose to use the computer and electronically file," Morgan said.

The return is electronically deposited into the tax payer's bank account which is faster and more secure than mailing a check.

The system is a collaboration between the state and the software company Intuit which is best known for its Turbo Tax system.

Jim Ruda with Intuit says they have added a new feature to this year's version.

"An individual is able to split their tax refund. Some of it going to direct deposit in the bank and some of it going to buy savings bonds. So paying taxes for free, also helps you create some savings," Ruda said.

The state will open up the 56 WIN Job Centers for people who don't own a computer but want to file for free online.

The Executive Director of the Department of Employment Security Les Range says this fits with their goal of helping people control their finances.

"All of these people are eligible for this type of program and they benefit because they are able to use the program and have more financial independence as they file their taxes and become prompt, taxpaying citizens,” Range said.

In addition, roughly two dozen non-profit organizations around Mississippi are offering to help people file their taxes for free on line.




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