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Former Governor Mabus Returns to Jackson

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 24 Mar 2011 03:34pm | comments
Navy Secretary Mabus at the Capitol.

A former Mississippi Governor is calling on the legislature to invest in education in order to protect the country. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports on the return of Ray Mabus to the Capitol.

Ray Mabus is now the Secretary of the Navy and returns to the Magnolia State in honor of navy week.

Mabus spoke to both the House and Senate and stressed the importance of improving Mississippi's education system.

"75% percent, I am going to repeat that, 75% of young Americans do not qualify for the military because they cannot meet the intellectual or physical requirements or they have a criminal record,"

Mabus, a former one term Governor of Mississippi, says continuing to fund education....even during tough times....is vital to America's national defense.

"Our children deserve it. Our national security demands it. America will not continue to be a shining beacon of greatness without it," Mabus said.

Law makers are currently finishing up a budget that includes funding education at current levels. But falls short of the goals established by the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, which is the funding formula used to calculate the minimum amount state public schools need.

House Education chairman Cecil Brown of Jackson says Mississippi needs to keep spending money on Education in order to compete.

"We have got to keep a consistent, concerted effort to offer opportunities to kids for education attainment. That is the message Governor Mabus has this morning. It is consistently been the message of leaders throughout the world. And other countries are doing it, other states are doing it and we have got to do it too," Brown said.

Navy Secretary Mabus says 42-hundred Mississippi young people joined the navy or Marines last year, and spending money on education is one way to show them support.

"And particularly for the support that you have shown over and over again for the Navy and Marine Corp. And for all our men and women in uniform. They and this country need you now more than they have ever needed you," Mabus said.

Mississippi is one a handful of states chosen to host a Navy Week, and Mabus says the newest submarine under construction will be named the Mississippi. 


Navy Secretary Mabus at the Capitol.



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