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Former Governor Barbour: Cochran a “Giant” For Mississippi

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 07 Apr 2014 03:57pm | comments
Former Governor Haley Barbour says Mississippians would benefit greatly by supporting incumbent senator Thad Cochran in his primary race to maintain his seat. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports Governor Barbour believes Republicans could take the senate and elevate Cochran's role.
Former Governor Barbour, who has endorsed Cochran, say s if Republicans regain control of the Senate, Cochran will likely become chair of the influential Appropriations committee....which is a position he held in the wake of Hurricane Katrina....
"Thad Cochran was the giant who stood up for Mississippi and got us what we needed. He was the person who did more than anybody else. I will never forget that and Mississippi will never forget that," Barbour said.
Cochran's opponent State senator Chris McDaniel is running as a more committed conservative claming Cochran has spent too long in Washington, contributing to federal spending and debt.
McDaniel has found lots of support from conservative grass-roots organizations, while much of Mississippi's Republican establishment is supporting Cochran.
The primary is June third.




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