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Flu Season Brings Flu Shots to Locations All Over Town

By Rhonda Miller | Published 10 Oct 2011 09:42pm | comments
Debbie Taylor is Director of Infection Control at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.

It’s the start of flu season and flu shots are easier than ever to find. MPB’s Rhonda Miller stopped by a corner pharmacy in Biloxi. 

"We have a private area here, where we set up our tools that we need to give the flu shot - the syringe, the medication, and the patient sits here," says pharmacist Darvis Harvey in the back corner of  a busy Walgreen’s in Biloxi. He says quite few people have been stopping by to get flu shots.  The pharmacists are specially trained to give the shots, Harvey says.

"We basically discuss and counsel with them regarding the flu shot, and discuss other things, regarding their medication and background, as well. It’s a comfortable environment, definitely clean and safe," says Harvey.

It’s not just drug store chains, but even some grocery stores are making it easy to get a flu shot while picking up something for dinner.

Medical professionals say getting a flu shot can keep flu from turning into something worse, like pneumonia.  Debbie Taylor is Director of Infection Control at Biloxi Regional Medical Center. She says H1N1, or swine flu, and other strains, are all included in one shot.

"The Centers for Disease Control is stating this year that everybody six months and above should take a flu shot," Taylor says. "Of course, there’s always a small group of people that shouldn’t. Anybody that’s allergic to any component in the vaccine. Anyone that’s allergic to eggs. Anyone that has had a bad reaction to a flu shot before shouldn’t take them."

Just outside the hospital, Stephanie Davis is leaving after visiting a family member.

"So have you had a flu shot?" "No I haven’t."  "Are you planning to get one?" "No, I’m not. Because when I was in the military, I took one and it made me really, really sick," Davis says. "So I do better without it, I think."

According to the Mississippi Department of Health, pneumonia is the deadliest complication from flu.   Each year, more than 600 Mississippians die from flu and pneumonia. 


Debbie Taylor is Director of Infection Control at Biloxi Regional Medical Center.



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