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Flooded Rivers Still Rising

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 09 Apr 2014 04:14pm | comments
Swollen rivers in central and southeastern Mississippi are expected to crest today. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports state officials are warning residents to avoid the water.
Up to ten inches of rain has fallen on the state over three days this week. 
All that rain pushed the Pearl River in Jackson to seven feet above flood stage, while others in Southeastern Mississippi have set records.
Governor Phil Bryant has declared a state of emergency because of the flooding, which has already claimed the life of a nine year child.
"Stay away from the flood water. Even if it looks calm on the surface, the current beneath it could be moving swiftly and be dangerous," Bryant said. 
The flood waters can also carry illness or force dangerous animals out of their normal habitat.
Marty Pope with the National Weather Service says rivers will continue to remain at high stages for some time.
"Even if we crest, we are going to have high rivers and small stream. And if we get a rainfall in here late sunday, it could aggrevate things and make them much worse," Pope sais.
The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency says nearly 40 homes around the state have been flooded.




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