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Fiscal Cliff Splits Mississippi Republican Delegation

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 02 Jan 2013 06:04pm | comments

Mississippi's three Republican representatives and two Republican Senators split over a deal to avoid a set of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports.

The bill approved by the congress pushes off most of the spending cuts, as well as reducing the amount of tax increases...and was a good enough to draw the support of both Mississippi Senators including Senator Roger Wicker.

"If you see a swimming pool full of 100 drowning people and you can save 99 of them, you go ahead and do that. You don't refuse to help just because you can't do it all," Wicker said.

Wicker says he did not want to have to vote to raise taxes, but sees a victory because the bill also locks in the current income tax rates for most Americans.

however, many Mississippians will feel an immediate impact from the bill because the payroll tax is going up 2-percent.

All three Republican representatives casts 'no' votes against the plan, as did a majority of all republican representatives.

Mississippi's Third district Representative Greg Harper says the bill was too light on spending cuts.

"There was nothing in this bill that would reduce spending or the rate of spending or get to the heart of the matter which is out of control mandatory and entitlement spending that has to be addressed in order to reach some type of point of solvency for our government," Harper said.

Harper's opposition was echoed by Mississippi's fist district congressman Alan Nunnelee and fourth district congressman Steven Palazoo.

"In fact, it created revenues 41 dollars to one dollar in cuts. So we just raised 620-billion dollars in new revenue. 332-billion in new spending. And it is going to add 4-trillion to the deficit," Palazzo said.

The decision to push the bulk off the spending cuts for two months sets up another major show down as the U-S nears its debt limit, and a situation that congressman Harper says could give Republicans renewed leverage to pursue more spending cuts.




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