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First Lady Michelle Obama Salutes Obesity Efforts in Mississippi

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 28 Feb 2013 12:19am | comments
First Lady Obama told a group in Clinton Wednesday that says other statesshould follow Mississippi's example of reducing childhood obesity.

First lady Michelle Obama is highlighting Mississippi's progress towards reducing childhood obesity. And as MPB's Lawayne Childrey reports she is using Mississippi as a model to inspire states across the country.

During the first stop of her Let's Move Initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama received a warm welcome from Clinton Junior High eighth grader Emma Scott.

“Thank you first lady Obama for helping our schools to be healthier.”

“And good afternoon everyone I am beyond thrilled to be back here in Mississippi and I wanna start by thanking Emma. I mean first of all I know she’s glad that’s over.”

The first lady praised Mississippi students, educators, and lawmakers for their efforts in helping to reduce Mississippi's childhood obesity rates by 13 percent during events at two schools yesterday in Clinton.

“And I remember what things are like back when I visited just three years ago. Mississippi had been declared the most obese state in America. And a lot of people thought that childhood obesity was an impossible problem for any of us to ever really be able to make a difference on this issue but fortunately all of you here in this room had a different view on things.”

Even though Mississippi has seen a reduction in its childhood obesity rates it still remains the fattest state in the country. Odessa Cherry, a former school teacher from Copiah County believes Mrs. Obama's message can help bring greater awareness to the problem.

“And now that we are aware that our children need to be more healthy we can do something about it. And that’s the key in knowing that they have choices.”   

Mrs. Obama  highlighted the department of education’s efforts to increase fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminate fried foods on school campuses across the state.    

“That means that tens of thousands of children here in Mississippi are getting the healthy start  to their lives that they need. They’ve got more  energy as a result. They’re at  lower risk for  diseases like diabetes and heart disease and cancer.   And they’ve got more of the nutrition that they need to succeed in school which is crucial for them to succeed in life which is our ultimate goal for them.”

The First Lady says that other states, communities and school districts should follow Mississippi's example. Lawayne Childrey, MPB News.


First Lady Obama told a group in Clinton Wednesday that says other statesshould follow Mississippi's example of reducing childhood obesity.



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