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Few Mississippians Impacted By Health Care Reform Announcment

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 14 Nov 2013 10:52pm | comments
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Mississippi insurance commissioner Mike Chaney says very few people in the state will be affected by President Barack Obama’s plan to allow Americans to keep their individual health insurance for one more year. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports that Chaney had already given insurance companies that option…

Chaney says he let companies in Mississippi extend their policies until the end of next year months ago.

The commissioner says as a result, fewer than 500 Mississippians haven gotten cancellation letters…

“We know there have been some by some of the smaller carriers. But the major three carriers that I have just mentioned have had very little if any cancellations. Not any that we know of,” Chaney said.

However, Chaney is skeptical that the fix will mean much to people in states that have lots of cancellations because it could cost millions for companies to go back and reverse their decision.

While work continues to improve the exchange website, there is still the possibility that Mississippi could again be in control of the exchange at this time next year.

Chaney says he gave away the exchange technology Mississippi built to other states with a condition that they return it if he needed it.

“A year from now we will have a year of operation of the Affordable Care Act under our belt and at that time we can make a logical decision as to whether or not the state wants to operate the exchange. I kind of think we might look at it. But if it doesn’t get fixed I am not going to touch it,” Chaney said.

Chaney believes as long as Obama is president the law will stay, but he does expect more administrative tweeks, like Thursday’s announcement, in the future.


AP Photo/Charles Dharapak



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