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Feud Over BP Oil Fund Gets More Intense

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 14 Apr 2011 01:50pm | comments
Attorney General Jim Hood addresses a crowd at a recent crime awareness event.

Mississippi's Attorney General is demanding all the documents from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to make sure claims are being paid out fairly. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports there is an increasingly heated back and forth between the AG and the oil spill fund administrator.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has filed court papers demanding to see all the documents from the payment facility to see how claims are being paid out.

Hood claims that fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg is intentionally paying claims slowly to push people to accept a quick payment that also limits their ability to sue or ask for more money later.

"I served him with a subpoena under our consumer protection act. Because I think, he is violating our consumer protection act. Same as any con artist that comes in the state and does a bait and switch. They say 'oh yeah we are going to pay you,' and then they say 'oh, yeah you have got to sign on this line," Hood said.

Hood has filed papers in court asking for an audit of the claims facility and wants to see Feinberg's email's to determine if Feinberg worked with B-P to push people to accept the quick pay.

Feinberg has repeatedly defended the claims process and saying in court filings that hood's claims are almost “defamation".


Attorney General Jim Hood addresses a crowd at a recent crime awareness event.



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