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Families File Lawsuit Against Coach Caught On Tape Whipping Players

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 12 Nov 2010 01:44pm | comments
Jason Hubbard Talks About The Whippings

The case of a Jackson High School basketball coach accused of corporal punishment is headed to Federal Court. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports video surfaced this week of Murrah High boys basketball coach Marlon Dorsey using a weightlifting to discipline them during practice.

Corporal punishment has been banned in Jackson Public Schools since 1991, but two weeks ago Murrah High boys basketball coach Marlon Dorsey came under fire, for allegedly whipping players with a weightlifting belt. Jason Hubbard's son is on the Murrah team and witnessed Dorsey hitting his son for not running the plays properly.
“I was outraged. I was rather angry. But the second part of me... had to be kind of calm, for the boy's sake,” Hubbard said.
Allegations of beatings date back to summer camp and now three families have come forward with similar complaints. With the help of Attn'y Lisa Ross they have filed a Federal law suit against the district, Dorsey and two Murrah High officials.
“The boy's constitutional and civil rights were violated and that's the only place where we can seek to vindicate a person's constitutional and civil rights, are in the courts,” Ross said
Dorsey admits whipping the players, saying he was saving them. He has not returned to Murrah since the issue came to light. JPS Superintendent Lonnie Edwards issued a statement Thursday saying he and his administrative staff have "decided to handle the situation within the policies of the school district which allow for suspension without pay or termination for violation of the corporal punishment policy." Which route they chose has not been made public. Hubbard wanted more from the district.
“I was hoping that someone would contact all the parents and kind of talk to us. But it hadn't happened,” Hubbard said.
Meanwhile Jason Hubbard's son and the rest of the Murrah Basketball team have started their season under a different coach and won their first hard court matchup.


Jason Hubbard Talks About The Whippings



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