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Experts Discuss the State of Agriculture in Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 18 Oct 2011 05:07pm | comments

Agriculture is Mississippi's largest industry. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports what experts have to say about changes to agriculture in the coming year.

For those in agriculture it's not if there will be cuts in the 2012 farm bill, but what kind of cuts. Ted Kendall is with the Central Mississippi Farm Bureau.

"Farmers have to be optimistic. Row crop prices are high. Some livestock prices are high so there's some optimism there, but with reduced funding and the increase in input costs I think there's a lot of concern."

Part of those concerns include the increased dependence on energy. That's why AL Garner, Mississippi Conservation Officer with the USDA is hoping for more investment in biofuel technology and research in the state.

"We have the natural resources in place. We have a great opportunity. The environment is right. The climate is right. The industry, I think, just has to develop more. There is a lot of interest there, and we're positioned, I think, very well for that."

Successful biofuels research is already being conducted in labs around the state including Mississippi State University.




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