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Evers’ Home to Be Added to National Register of Historic Places

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 11 Jun 2013 07:19am | comments

The home of a murdered civil rights icon Medgar Evers will continue to be a museum for at least the next two decades and could be added to the national register of historic places. His home is being rededicated 50 years after his assassination.


 A tour guide shows a small group around the home of Medgar Evers.

Evers was gunned down 50 years ago this week in the drive way of his home.


The rededication is part of a series of events memorializing his life working for civil rights as Mississippi's first NAACP field secretary.


At the Monday ceremony, Evers' daughter Rena Evers-Everette says the rededication should remind people about his work rather than his murder.


"Not just look at the blood that is so etched in my memory as I saw him laying down and he could not get up as many times as my brothers and I said 'daddy, get up'. He left us and ingrained in us the love we carry now and forever," Evers-Everette said.



Roughly 100 people attended the rededication including Evonne Lovett who brought her neighbor's seven year old son.


"We don't need to lose those things that he brought to the country and to this state. And to keep people away of the sacrifices that were made. The dedication is part of that," Lovett said.


The Mississippi Department of Archives and history and Save America's Treasures have agreed to continue to help support the museum for the next 25 years.


It is owned by Tougaloo College.


Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson says efforts are underway to get the neighborhood added to the register of historic places.


"If there is a renovation going on there are federal tax credits that are available to preserve the homes that are here. So it is important from a rehabilitation stand-point," Johnson said.


Evers was assassinated on June 12, 1963 in by white supremacist Byron De La Beckwith.


Events honoring Evers are taking place all week.





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