Even though the unemployment rate is more than ten percent in Mississippi, some employers are hiring. That means those positions get lots of competition.

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Employers Get Picky With More Workers in the Job Pool

By Daniel Cherry | Published 29 Sep 2011 07:49am | comments
Job hunters fill out applications at the Jackson job fair

With more than 10 percent of Mississippi's work force currently unemployed, finding work is a real struggle for some. The City of Jackson sponsored a job fair yestertday and when the doors opened several hundred job seekers were already waiting to talk to employers. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports.

Georgia Anderson of Jackson waded through the hundreds of job hunters at the Jackson Job Fair on Wednesday. She graduated from Virginia College in March 2010 with a degree as a medical assistant, but you'd never be able to tell from the stack of fast food applications in her hands.

"I'm a certified medical assistant, phlebotomist, and EKG technician. I'm looking for fast food restaurants, that type of stuff....anything really. I've got 3 kids to take care of. I don't care what I get right now."

Some experts have a dim economic outlook for the state for years to come. For the more than 133 thousand unemployed workers living in Mississippi, that can't change fast enough. On average it takes a person in the Jackson area about a year to find a job. Jarrett Hester has only been unemployed for a month.

"The unemployment rate is high. Always speak positively and you'll find it. I don't call it job hunting. I call it job killing. Hunting signifies failure, but no failure here."

Employers who are able to stay afloat have plenty of applicants to choose from. Oscar Thompson is the general manager of a Pizza Hut.

"You get to pick the best ones out of the group. Unfortunately, some people don't get to make it, some do, but it's really good for us. The more people we get, the bigger the quantity, the easier it is for us to pick the greater qualified people to deliver that hot pizza to your door."

There were dozens of employers at the job fair. That means there ARE jobs out there, but the heavy competition means some job hunters are getting left behind.


Job hunters fill out applications at the Jackson job fair



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