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Emergency Declared as Winter Storm Hits Mississippi

By Paul Boger | Published 27 Jan 2014 07:53pm | comments
Nearly half of Mississippi is expected to experience a severe winter storm starting this morning. Governor Phil Bryant has declared a state of emergency and as MPB's Paul Boger reports the arctic blast is expected to dump snow, sleet and ice on much of the southern portion of the state.
Forecasters are predicting between two to four inches of snow and sleet to fall on 36 counties South of Interstate 20. 
Tim Erickson is a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service.
"The rain and stuff will come in pretty quick behind the freezing temperatures." said Erickson. "[It will] Transition to sleet early Tuesday evening with some snow possibly mixing in before ending very early Wednesday morning.
The State of Emergency Governor Phil Bryant declared will help state agencies prepare for the worst.
"The emergency declaration that was issued today was done so in a administrative fashion as a tool that will allow state officials to position and deploy resources to assist areas that are impacted by this emergency."
However, officials say the best thing Mississippians can do today to keep themselves safe is to simply stay home. Robert Latham is the Director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. 
"Once the moisture starts falling, regardless if it's freezing rain, sleet, snow or a combination that conditions are going to be hazardous." said Latham "You just need to stay at home, people just need to be smart, make preparations before hand, and once the conditions start to deteriorate stay off the roads until conditions improve."
The University of Southern Mississippi, William Carey University and more than 30 school districts in South Mississippi have canceled classes for today and possibly Wednesday.




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