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Election Day: What to Remember Before Heading to the Polls

By Daniel Cherry | Published 07 Nov 2011 08:24pm | comments

Across Mississippi voters will be heading to the polls today to decide on a number of races. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more on what Mississippians should consider before they head out to cast their ballot.

Every statewide office, as well as every legislative seat is up for election today. Voters will also decide on three constitutional initiatives, eminent domain restriction, personhood, and voter ID. Delbert Hosemann is Mississippi's Secretary of State. He says they're going to be watching to polls closely to make sure elections are clean.

"We have dispersed our employees to 39 different Mississippi counties to observe the election. We will be out and around the entire state and we would be able to respond to anyone's concerns about the integrity of the ballot or location or what's going on. Any county in Mississippi we can be there within 30 minutes."

The races for governor, attorney general, and personhood have poll watchers expecting a heavy turnout. Republicans are anticipating a good showing, but Jim Herring, former Mississippi Republican Party Chairman, says Republicans can't get complacent.

"I don't think that we want to be overconfident. There are a lot of question marks still out there and everybody must work real hard right up until the polls close tomorrow night to make sure we get what's coming to us."

The Secretary of State is reminding voters: make sure to bring proper identification, and watch what you wear...even shirts with a candidate's name or picture are prohibited from polling places. Rickey Cole is the Chairman of the state Democratic Party. He says supporters should remember to be careful where they campaign.

"The law prohibits campaigning within 150 feet of the polling place, but I encourage anybody that wants to show support, the very best way you can show support is to remind people to go vote, pick people up and take them to the polls. Tomorrow is all about get out the vote."

Polls will be open for 7 this morning to 7 this evening.




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