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DuPree, Bryant Split on Raising Revenue for Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 17 Oct 2011 09:06am | comments

With only about 3 weeks left before November's general election, the race for governor is heating up. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more on how both major  plan to raise revenue for the state.

With 10 percent of Mississippi unemployed, keeping revenue coming in is a big concern for the state. During the recent debate in Jackson, Democratic candidate Johnny DuPree laid out one part of his plan.

"We need to look at a fairness in taxation. I didn't say increase taxes ya'll, but the top 150 companies in Mississippi 80% don't pay taxes. Now I'm not saying I'm anti-business, and I hope you don't say that, but I am for fairness. I'm for people paying their fair share."

DuPree proposes the state should raise taxes and take back incentives from businesses if they fail to come through with their promise to hire Mississippians. Republican candidate Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant says he thinks that plan could scare business away, and would be dangerous for job creation in the state.

"We do need to generate more revenue and that means more jobs, more corporations coming here and hiring people. If you begin to tax those corporations, take away those tax incentives that we offer them, they're not coming. In fact they're going to leave."

Voters will have a chance to decide between DuPree or Bryant in the general election on November 8th.






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