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Drill Prepares Mississippians for Earthquake

By Paul Boger | Published 17 Oct 2013 06:00am | comments
Mississippi Is one of ten states participating in an earthquake drill later today. 
The New Madrid Fault System lies directly North of Mississippi, and it could create a damaging earthquake at any time.
In 1812, the fault produced an earthquake that damaged thousands of buildings, sent giant waves down the Mississippi River, and was felt as far away as Pennsylvania.
Charles Swann is with the Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute. He says it's important for Mississippians to be prepared for an earthquake, because one might hit any time.
"The New Madrid is sort-of odd." said Swann. "The earthquakes that it generates are not really very predictable and stable. So in a way, yes we are overdue for a medium sized earthquake."
The drill is scheduled to take place at 10:17 this morning. Residents are encourages to drop to the ground, look for cover, and hold on until shaking stops. 




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