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Doctors Warn Mississippians Of Heat Related Illnesses

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 17 Jun 2014 02:59pm | comments
photo-flikr Marcin Wichary
Mississippi doctors are warning residents to stay cool and hydrate as the state heads into the hottest months of the year.. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that heat related illnesses that can potentially be deadly.
At a splash pad in Jackson two young mothers watch their children run and play in the water.
One of those is Stacey Webb who says she has to watch her children closely when they are playing in the hot summer weather.
"We try to avoid the daytime hours. We are usually napping during the hottest time. And then sun screen and shirts on and hats when we remember," Webb said.
Children and the elderly are the most susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, the two most common heat related illnesses.
Dr. Richard Summers with the University of Mississippi Medical center says heat related illnesses are caused by people becoming dehydrated which weakens the body's ability to cool itself.
"Initially you will begin to feel a dry mouth and you will sweat profusly and you may become dizzy. When you get to the state where you stop sweating, then your body doesn't even have enough fluids to sweat and that is when it becomes more dangerous," Summers said.
Heat stroke can kill and requires medical attention to re-hydrate and bring the core temperature of the body down. 
While on a lunch break run, Tommy Turner says when the temperature climbs he shortens his runs and drinks lots of water because he has been dehydrated before.
"Me and my friends went out and rode about 30 miles before school on bikes. And then we had cross-country practice and ran about 12 miles. And at the end of that I felt like I was going to die," Turner said.
Mississippi had at least one heat related death in 20-12, which is the most recent available data.


photo-flikr Marcin Wichary



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