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Democratic Candidates For Governor Hit Neshoba County Fair

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 28 Jul 2011 04:52pm | comments
Johnnie Dupree meets supporters.

Candidates looking to be the next governor are using the Neshoba County Fair to get their message out. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the leading candidates took the stage to deliver their last minute sales pitch.

Thousands of people crowded the fair grounds at the Neshoba County Fair to hear speeches from the candidates who want to be the next governor.

For the two leading Democrats, businessman Bill Luckett and Hattiesburg mayor Johnny Dupree, the high profile fair is a chance to get their message out to the state.

As the campaign races to a finish, Luckett brought a worn out tool belt to emphasis his private sector background.

"I am not a career politician. I respect Mayor Dupree, who is running as my main opponent in the primary. We come from different backgrounds but on the issue we are pretty much the same. I am just a private sector guy who has created jobs with my own sweat, my own money and my own tools," Luckett said.


Mayor Dupree doesn't see his background in government as a negative, instead presenting it has his biggest positive.

"In Public service the bottom line is what kind of services can I bring to the citizens I represent. In a private business, it is about how much money can I make. Those are two different venues that I think people need to look at. This is not about how much money we can put in the bank. This is about what kind of services can we bring to the citizens we represent and how can we change their lives. And that is what I want people to look at," Dupree said.

The Democrats have spent far less in the primary campaign then their Republican counterparts, so many voters might not have seen or heard from them.

Connie Coursey says she is still undecided but feels the fair speeches bring her closer to a choice.

"We need someone strong basically on the economic end. However, we also have a lot of other issue. I think that people are just waiting for this venue so they can kind of get a good idea," Coursey said.

Dupree and Luckett have only a few more days to woo undecided voters...the Primary election to decide who the Democratic Party candidate will be is Tuesday.





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