Delta Schools Likely to Follow Health Dept. in Adopting Abstinence Plus

By Annie Gilbertson | Published 17 Oct 2011 07:55am | comments
Educators statewide decide how to teach teens about sex.

Mississippi school districts will have to decide which form of sex education to teach by the end of the school year- Abstinence Plus or Abstinence Only? Few school boards statewide have finalized a choice, but the Mississippi Health Department has.  Annie Gilbertson reports.

The  Mississippi Health Department is teaming up with an education policy group, Mississippi First, to let districts know it will provide a curriculum for contraceptive education under “Abstinence Plus.”  Sanford Johnson of Mississippi First has been targeting Delta districts in recent weeks and says backing for abstinence plus is growing.

Johnson: “I’m getting a lot of support in the Delta right now, because I feel like when people talk about teen pregnancy and STDs, they talk about the delta counties.  So right now it’s been easy, because everyone has always said there is a problem here.”

Advocates of “Abstinence Only “argue that “abstinence is the only proven method for prevention of teen pregnancy, and it has been shown to be effective 100 percent of the time.”

Some districts are nearing a decision.  Mississippi First says it expects districts in Washington County and Clarksdale to reach sex-ed curriculum decisions this week.

From the Southern Education Desk, for MPB News, I'm Annie Gilbertson.

Educators statewide decide how to teach teens about sex.


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