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Cuts Could Slow Postal Service in Mississippi

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 05 Dec 2011 04:26pm | comments

Newly announced cuts at the post office could mean slower mail delivery in Mississippi next year. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the newest plan could involve closing roughly half of the post office distribution centers.

The move could save the agency about 3-billion dollars, but post office spokes woman Enola Rice says that means stamped mail will travel further and cannot be delivered overnight.

"When we talk about first class mail that means mail with a first class stamp on it. And instead of 1-to-3 days, it will take between 2-and-3 days," Rice said.

Rice says costumers can still pay for the premium overnight delivery service.

These cuts are part of a larger 6-billion dollar package of reductions the postal service is considering to avoid bankruptcy, such as closing 37-hundred post offices including more than 60 in Mississippi.

North Station Post Office in Jackson is on the list of potential closures.

While entering the post office with a stack of bills, 72-year old Will Williams worries that the cuts will make it extremely to use the service.

"It is a necessity for everybody to pay their bills through the post office. There is no other way. Everybody doesn't have a computer system in their home to pay by computer. The next best thing is by mail," Williams said.

Postal union workers have rallied in protest of the cuts saying it will harm the service especially for people in rural areas where post offices could be miles apart.

At a recent rally in Jackson, postal employee Earnest Wallace says the cuts would undermine the post office's ability to function.

"If the communication is out, like we have several tornadoes or a hurricane and everything is down, who would you communicate? The mail ran everyday. So that is one good thing about the mail, we are going to be there no matter what. Rain, Sleet or snow we deliver," Wallace said.

While the post office maintains that they are still considering the cuts, one change will happen for sure...the cost of a postage stamp will increase by one penny to 45 cents in late January.

Click here for a list of potential post office closures.





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