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Could Virginia Tea Party Win Predict Mississippi’s Senate Runoff?

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 11 Jun 2014 03:16pm | comments
A tea party win in Virginia this week could be a preview of what is to come in the Mississippi Senate run off between between tea party backed state senator Chris McDaniel and six term incumbent Senator Thad Cochran. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports.
Tea Party activists in Mississippi say the wind is a their back in the primary run-off for the GOP senate candidate after a shocking tea party win in Virginia.
Kevin Broughton, a spokesman for the Tea Party Patriots Citizen's Fund and native Mississippian, says the upset win is putting a jolt of energy into Mississippi conservatives.
"I certainly think local conservative activists and Tea Party type people in Mississippi saw David knock off Goliath in Richmond, Virginia. I think  that will be an encouragement to them and I think it will fire them up," Broughton said.
McDaniel campaign spokesman Noel Fritsch agrees, saying a string of conservative talk radio hosts are lining up to talk to his candidate.
"Social media was on fire. The folks are definitely imbued with a new sense of what is possible," Fritsch said.
In an email exchange, a spokesman for the Cochran campaign says there is no comparison between Virginia and Mississippi, also pointing to a primary election win for Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham. 
Spokesman Jordan Russell says the Mississippi race is about quote 'who can do the most for Mississippi. Who will fight for Mississippi.'
Long time Mississippi political spectator Marty Wiseman says the Virginia election should be a wake up call to the Cochran campaign.
"Gives them the signal of what they have got to over come. That is the serious nature and at least sustaining numbers, if not growing numbers, of those who are willing to affiliate with the Tea Party in order to cast a vote," Wiseman said.
Wiseman says Cochran will need to widen his base in order to win re-election.
The primary run off is on June 24th.




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